Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Update...Finally (13 weeks/5 weeks adjusted)

It's been almost a month since I've posted. Been just a little busy :) Life with preemie triplets and a toddler is crazy and wonderful at the same time. Sometines more one than the other. Jozey has adjusted very well to all of the babies. She thinks they are all named Errol. She is very close to being potty trained and asically started it on her own. We have casually put her on the toilet for a few months now, but she would only poop. On Wednesday, she kept her diaper dry for 4 hrs and peed when I put her on the toilet before naptime. There has been no turning back since. No more than one accident a day except for when she is sleeping. She is still wearing pull ups to bed and at nap time. I assume bladder control during sleep takes a while. The things she says crack us up constantly. My mom sings TV theme songs to her and she can now sing the entire Gilligan's Island theme song by herself. You have to know what shes saying to understand it, but it's still pretty amazing. SHe is also counting to 11 and saying the alphabet. She occasionally misses a letter here or there, but still impressive. She will be 22 months on Saturday. She loves to role play with her baby dolls. She feeds, burps, changes, rocks, and swaddles them. She likes to sing to the triplets when they get upset. if she hears one of them crying on the monitor, she say, "you go check on Errol".

The babies are doing very well. Our Help Me Grow coordinator gave us their progress report last week and they are right on target for their adjusted age. They will continue to be monitored so we can catch any delays early. We are back to feeding every three hrs. They eat 3-4oz at a time. We started Babywise with them last Thursday and they seem to be much more content. Basically it suggests that you do cycles of feed/wake time/nap every three hrs, in that order. We put them to bed after their 7pm feeding and then wake them at 10pm for a "dream-feed". Basically we feed them without fully waking them. Afte that we let them wake up on their own. They usually start fussing at about 2:30 and I try to hold them off as long as I can unless they get hysterical. The past few nights they've gone till 4 or 5. This system has I think it was >90% of babies sleeping through the night by 8 weeks (which would be 16 wks or 8 weeks adjusted for our babies). It's kind of controversial, but I'm not really sure why except that we don't run in every time they cry. We usually let them go ten minutes before we console them. It rarely takes that long though. Some people have a problem with feeding on a schedule, but if they are obviously hungry earlier than 3hrs we feed them. They are napping better and are content for longer periods every day. When I'm alone with them I rotate them through feed/wake/nap about a half hr behind each other so I rarely have three hungry babies at once. For instance, when it's time for them to eat I start with whoever is awake or stirring in their crib. If no one is, I take a guess at who will wake first (I pick wrong sometimes and end up with someone crying waiting to be fed). I feed the first one then lay them on the activity mat or in a bouncey seat or boppy pillow where I can interact with them and keep them awake while I feed the next one. Then I lay the first one down for a nap, move the second one to an awake activity, and go get the third to feed. After I feed the third I lay the second down and interact with the third a while. Then the third lays down and I have 1.5-2 hrs to play with Jozey or do whatever needs to be done before the cycle begins again. Pretty busy, but it's working well for me. I usually get some time in the afternoon when all four kids are asleep. That's very nice.

The babies go for their two month shots tomorrow. The Dr delayed them so they would be a little chubbier for the injections. At last check Avery had passed Errol. She was 8-4, Errol was 8, and Layla was 5-14. We got their Zantac doses increased and have changed Errol and Avery's sleeping positions and that seems to have helped the reflux some. They are all still very messy eaters. Errol is starting to have more content awake periods and is crying less. He started smiling a lot yesterday. His MRI showed that his bump is a dermoid cyst and has no brain involvement. very relieved about that. It does need to be removed though because of the risk of infection, but we the Dr said it's okay to wait six months for him to get bigger because he will have to be under general anesthesia for the surgery. Avery is her same happy self and is smiling too. Layla is not quite so laid back. She still startles easily and always seem to be on high alert. Adam calls her animal, like the crazy muppet :)

My mom is doing great with all of them on Mondays while I'm sleeping after work. She has been such a big help. My aunt Jill comes over every Friday and helps out too. There are others who occasionally help that we also appreciate, but they are the ones who are constantly doing whatever they can to make things easier on us. My parents have voluntarily watched the kids so we could go out multiple times. I'm going to the Dayton Mother's of Twins meeting Thursday and am very excited about meeting other multiple birth moms.

Thats all of the updates I can think of now.

Friday, July 16, 2010

9 weeks old/1 week adjusted age

Babies had appointment with nurse practioner today. Weights were 7-3, 7-0, and 5-1. All of them are starting on Zantac for reflux. Errol has to get an abdominal ultrasound to check for pyloric stenosis. He is getting that on wednesday before his MRI. We can start letting Avery sleep through the night if she will now. We have to wake Errol every four because he isn't gaining as much as her. Layla can go from every three to every four if we can get her to take 3.5 oz instead of 3. Really hope this med will help them. Layla had been crying through her feedings, Errol projectile vomits, and Avery gags a few minutes after her feedings. Lots of messes around here these days.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Marks of Love

Don't think I've ever mentioned it here, but all of our babies have a few birthmarks. Some common, some odd. They all have stork bites on their necks like Adam and jozey. Avery has a reddened area on one of her eyelids. Layla has a hemangioma above her right nipple. A hemangioma is a collection of blood vessels that form outside of the body. It started as a tiny red dot and grows everyday. Now it is about the size of a dime. It's bright red and very raised. From what I've read, they are present at birth and grow aggressively for about a year, remain the same for about another yr, and then begin to shrink a few yrs later. The vast majority are gone without a trace by 5 yrs old and the others by age 10. Errol has a spotty one on the outside of his right thigh. He also has a small bump between his eyebrows, which brings me to the point of this odd post :) He had an appointment with a head and neck specialist today to see what they thought it was. He thinks it is probably just a boney prominence (bump on the bone), but it could also be an encephalocele. This is kind of freaky but the bump is where two of the skull bones meet and it's possible that what is protruding is part of his brain matter. His exam was perfect and it isn't causing him any discomfort, but to be safe he is getting an MRI with sedation at Childrens on July 21st. We go to dr a couple weeks later to get the results. If it is an encephalocele, the treatment is surgery with the head and neck specialist and a neurosurgeon to put everything back in place. God has done an amazing job protecting our babies so far and we know he will continue to do so.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

8 weeks/40 weeks gestation

Things have been quite busy around here so haven't had a chance to post a blog. The babies will be eight weeks old tomorrow and my due date wouldve been this thursday. We are adjusting well to having all of the babies home. Adam is off work this week so that helps. The days aret bad just busy. The nights are exhausting. They still wake up every three hours. Hoping we can increase that soon. Dr said we can let Errol and Avery sleep four hrs but it's kind of silly when we have to wake Layla every three for now anyway. At last check they weighed 6-7, 6-1, and 4-3. They have opthamologist appointments tomorrow, Errol has a head and neck specialist appt thurs (to get the small bony bump between his eyebrows checked), and they all have a weight check next Friday. The people from "Help Me Grow" will be coming for their first assessment soon. They are an early intervention service sponsored my
Montgomery County whose job is to catch developmental delays early and set us up with the right people. It is free until age three. The Similac representative at our pediatricians office has been wonderful and is supplying us with the special preemie formula for now, which helps tremendously especially with me being off work. I go back Sunday. Excited and nervous. Gonna start out with one twelve hr night shift and go from there.

Well it's Adam's night to get up and my night to sleep so I better take advantage of it. Will post more tomorrow hopefully.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MY LAST HOUR: Not "scheduled" feeding time till three but Errol became hysterical at 1:30. Tried to calm him with no success. Gave him belly massage since he hasnt gone to the bathroom since sunday. Went ahead and fed both of them. When they were done Avery spit a little. While changing her she projectile spit up all over herself and changing table. After cleaning that i heard rumbles down below and discovered a huge poopy diaper. Changed her again then checked on Errol who was sound asleep in his crib in a huge blob of spit up. It was all over his hair. Changed him, wiped his hair, and changed his crib liner. Now everyone of us is in our own beds and will hopefully be sleeping soon :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Quick update before I sneak in a nap before next feeding time. Errol is home! We are doing much better than expected handling it all. Avery and he slept pretty well last night. Jozey had been excellent today and a good helper. Layla is doing very well with her bottles and they are talking about taking her tube out soon! Maybe home in a wk or two?!?!?!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Great Progress

Everyone is doing very well. Avery and jozey are adjusting well. The girls and I ventured out alone today and had a nice time. We visited mammie at work, had lunch at McDs, and exchanged some things at Babies R Us. Jozey is growing up so fast. She jabbered to me all day. Just a sweetheart. Avery is taking 2oz every three hrs and pretty much sleep the rest if the time. She had an opthamologist appt yesterday and he said her eyes are maturing well. Pediatrician appt was good also. Said she looked perfect. Weight check weekly for two or three wks to decide how long we have to wake her at night to eat.

Errol got his tube out this morning and the drs ordered his carseat test and circumcision. The nurse said it's like feeding adifferent baby since that tubes out. It may have been bothering his throat and keeping him from wanting to eat. Guessing he'll be home this weekend or early next week!

Layla is moving along too. She can have a bottle at every feeding now and hopefully she will do well with that and get her tube out soon.

So proud of all of our little ones!