Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Thoughts

Nothing too new or exciting to post, just some random things I'm thinking about. I've been feeling a little worse the last couple days. I thought most of the nausea was gone, but I 've lost a few meals rather suddenly lately :) I had gained 5 pounds, but lost most of it when Adam and I had the stomach thing that has been going around. I've gained it all back and 2 more pounds though, so that brings me up to 7 pounds gained. It took me unitl 20 weeks to gain that much with Jozey and I ended up gaining 50 pounds. I'm trying to eat as much as I can, but some days I just don't feel like it. I know how important it is though. I really want to get these babies to 35 weeks and 5 pounds each. I also really want them to come home from the hospital with us or close behind at least. 35 & 5... 35 & 5... 35 & 5... I just keep thinking it as I down my Boost drinks. I have discovered the joys of Kroger Premium Mint Chip Moose Tracks ice cream though. Yum. We've eaten healthy stuff for so long, I'm discovering a whole new world. Speaking of, think I'll get a bowl right now while I finish this...
I found a stroller that I think will work for us. It's called the Triple Decker. It's a stroller frame that three car seats, toddler seats, or any combination can fit into. The website is www.doubledeckerstroller.com. Check it out if you want a laugh. It's quite a sight. The plan is to put all of the triplets in it when Adam is with me and to use one of the toddler seats for Jozey and carry a baby in a front or backpack carrier when I'm venturing out alone. Hopefully by the time the triplets are too big for me to carry comfortably, Jozey will walk agreeably. I just don't think a quad stroller would be worth the hassle of trying to manuever it.
I feel awkward talking about gifts, but lots of people have asked us what we need and it's hard remembering who you told what. I don't want 4000 diapers and no clothes :) We decided to go ahead and register at Babies R Us. We will probably go tonight. We feel kind of weird doing it since they aren't our first babies, but I guess triplets make circumstances a little different.
I've been told to organize helpers before bedrest and 4 babies under 2 becomes a reality. Our good friend, Theresa Abney, has graciously agreed to be our food organizer. She is going to make sure someone is bringing us dinner every couple of days if I'm on bedrest and for a little while after the babies come home. When it gets closer I'll ask her if she is okay with me giving out her email address or phone number if anyone wants it. I think I'll handle organizing people to help with Jozey myself. She's getting a lot more active and I don't think she would be satisfied sitting in bed with me all day :) I know I already said it, but I hate asking for help. As much as I hate it though, I know we won't be able to do this on our own. I'm trying to kep my worries and fears in check and focus on one day at a time, but we have to look ahead at least a little bit.
We think we are pretty set on names. I picked the girls and Adam picked the boy. The girls are Avery Jane and Layla Sue. The boy is Errol Clark. Haven't decided which girl is which. We may wait to see them and decide.

Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Adam, Mar, Jozey, Avery, Layla and Errol
(thought I'd try out all of our names together)


  1. Forgot to mention that I keep accidentally deleting comments when I'm trying to approve them, so don't be offended if your comment never shows up.

  2. Great names!

  3. Oh my goodness... to be on a "eat as much fattening food as you can" diet sounds wonderful.. lol... (I know, I know, its for the babies)... but still!... How awesome to HAVE to eat ice cream everyday... hahaha... so glad things are still going so well! That is awesome! If you give out the ladies email, I would like to sign up to drop off a meal too :)