Wednesday, February 3, 2010

18 week appointment

*First and last pics are by big ole belly today (by request:)

*Second is top of Layla's head and her right hand. If you look closely, you can see that her pinky is crooked. So is Jozey's, my Grandma Saunders, and my Aunt Cheryl's. Odd family trait :)

*Third is Errol's profile.

*Fourth is proof he really is a boy :)

We waited for an hour and a half before we saw the doctor today, but the good news was worth the wait. First they did an internal ultrasound to measure my cervical length and check the positioning of Errol's ("C" the bottom baby) placenta. My cervix is still exactly the same length, 3.8cm! No shortening at all in two weeks! Also his placenta has backed away from my cervix! If you can imagine two spoons nestled together, that was how his placenta and my cervix looked last time. Kinda like this: )) Now it looked like a knife floating above the inside curve of a spoon. Kinda like this: l ) It has pulled way away. Hope that makes some sort of sense :) Next was the full ultrasound and growth measurements on each baby. All have great heartbeats and are measuring within a week of where they should be. Errol ("A" bottom) weighs 8oz, Avery ("B" to my right of Errol and up a little) is 7oz, and Layla ("C" up top and on my left all alone) is 6oz. They determine A, B, and C by going clockwise from my cervix up and around. Brains, stomachs, and umbilical cords all look perfect. The doctor said everything looks great and he anticipated me carrying them to 36 weeks and them all being around 5lbs. If that happens they should come home with or very shortly after me! We got a letter from Adam's benefit department yesterday saying the government is mandating that you be allowed up to 96 hours in the hospital after a c-section. It's very exciting to think we may all come home together. I realistically know that anything can happen, but was very glad to hear promising predictions by the doctor. We are very happy with Dr. Saldana. He explained everything we were seeing during the ultrasound and was very reassuring. He was glad that I gave in and stopped working. He said, "The Good Lord has a louder voice than me, so I'm glad you listened to Him even when you didn't want to listen to me." I didn't tell many people, but at my last appointment he wanted me to stop working and I negotiated the 8hr shifts. You see how that worked out :) I will not try to negotiate restrictions anymore. He said to just keep doing what I'm doing, which is resting a lot. I have another ultrasound in 3 weeks and they will look at their hearts then. My weight gain must be enough since they are measuring so well. I've gained 15 pounds now and worked hard for every bit. I already get full very quickly and still have a little nausea.

Tomorrow I will be 18 weeks and half-way to the doctor's goal of 36 weeks!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for the thoughts and prayers! Keep 'em coming :)


  1. Amanda (Ware), I thought I approved your comment but it disappeared. Sorry :( Dont know why it does that sometimes.

  2. So happy to hear the good news! Sounds like everything is going wonderfully. Your belly looks great! Think it can stretch another 18 wks? Amazing, huh? We will keep praying for you all!

  3. Marilee, sounds great!! I am very excited for you! I hadn't been on here in several days and was eager to check in on those kelhoffer triplets...and their mommmy of course. Glad everything looks so good and great news about Errol's placenta :) Keep up the good work!
    Love ya,

  4. Marilee, praying for all of you!
    Love Delinda <><

  5. Wow.. you couldn't have gotten any better news... good job listening to your body :) I talked to your mom about you Wednesday night, so I cheated and knew all the news before I read the post that night :) lol... I'm sure you are relieved to know the placenta moved up! Keep it up! Or, I mean, keep it down.. lol (laying down I mean) :)

  6. That's so great Marilee!!! So happy I can read along what's going on with you and your babies. You are in my prayers. I actually know another girl who just found out she's having triplets!!! So rare. Miss you and happy to hear you're doing well.

  7. I am still so amazed following your story...I hope you keep up with this blog, you and Adam and all the babies are in my thoughts and prayers!