Monday, February 15, 2010

Less Than 17 Weeks to go!!!

Nothing super exciting to post, but we are starting to get some things together. my mom did an excellent job painting the nursery. Just the border left then we can start arranging things. I know it seems early to be getting everything ready, but we never know if/when my bedrest/hospitalization could start. We picked up our rocker/glider and it's beautiful and super comfortable. Starting to fill the dressers with newborn and 0-3 month clothes. The girls should be set except for some preemie stuff, because we have all of Jozey's clothes and got a generous donation of a full girl's wardrobe from 0-3 months up to like 3 years! Not many boy's things yet. We have two of the three carseats and looked at the van we are getting this past weekend. Never wanted a minivan, but you do what you have to do :) We have heard of a lot of stuff people have said they are donating, like bouncey seats and swings. I made room in a cupboard and filled up almost an entire shelf with 4oz bottles. If the eat every 3 hours at first that will be 24 bottles a day! A friend just bought us 15 and my chiropractor gave me a bunch too. I think we have 32 now. Hoping to get enough that I dont have to wash them everyday :) Just found out that through the Similac rep at our pediatrician's office, we may be able to get up to 3 cases of formula a month for three months! I thought those kind of things depended on income, but they say it doesn't.

I've been feeling pretty good. My hips are starting to hurt really bad, but the chiropractor is keeping the pain tolerable. Not much nausea, but also not much appetite. I've gained 20lbs though!!! Very excited about that. Supposed to gain 1-1.5lb/week and I will be 20 weeks on Thursday. I had only gained 10lb by 20wks with Jozey and still managed to gain 50 that pregnancy. They say the early weight gain helps the babies the most, so I'm gonna keep trying. Going to mom's tonight for chicken and noddles and mashed potatoes. That should help :) No stretch marks yet, but my belly fels stretched to capacity already. Nothing fits right, even maternity clothes, because I'm still pretty small everywhere but my big ole' belly.

Still very nervous and scared about the rest of this pregnancy, but I know God is in control and if our family has learned anything these past couple years it is that He will have His will and way whether it is ours or not. I know He will keep us strong and see us through whatever lies ahead. Better go now. I hear the little muchkin getting out of bed.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support! Don't be afraid to bother me, call anytime. I get a little lonely during the day :)


  1. Sound like you are getting everything under control :) All organized, lol, that's how I like it too!... Who is your chiropractor? I went to mine the whole time I was pregnant too.. he helped a lot! Glad you did a post.. I was wondering how it was all going :) Keep up the good weight gain!

  2. I see Dr. Dobran on Wilmington Pike. She's wonderful.

  3. So glad things are still going well for you! Sounds like you are really getting ready. We are so happy for you guys!