Wednesday, March 3, 2010

22 weeks

Tomorrow I will be 22 weeks pregnant! In some ways it seems to be going sooo slow, but in others it's flying by. It's amazing to think that in a few weeks they will be on the border of having a chance of survival outside of me. They are moving a lot lately. Especially at night. I feel pretty good during the day, but by 8 or 9pm I'm exhausted. In our almost 6 1/2 yrs of marriage, I've never fallen asleep before Adam until now. As soon as Jozey is in bed at about 8 or 8:30 I AM DONE. My belly is getting big and tight and by evening I just want to take it off and sit it down somewhere for a bit :) Getting comfortable in bed has become a challenge too. No amount of pillows makes carrying 3 babies comfortable.

I had a doctors appointment last week and you may or may not have heard that it didn't go as planned. I had my yearly exam scheduled a couple weeks before that and cancelled due to the snow. They called and asked if I could come to this appointment 30 minutes early so they could do the exam before the cervical check and ultrasound. My mom picked Jozey and I up and we were there in plenty of time. As the Dr was finishing my yearly the fire alarms went off. I was completely naked. It was lovely. They told me to hurry up and get dressed because they weren't sure if it was a drill or not. I rush getting dressed, run into the bathroom to give my urine sample and all of the sudden the alarm stops. Never heard the "All Clear" overhead, but assume it was a drill or at least not a fire in the part of the hospital we were in. So anyway, we go into the ultrasound room and they do my cervical check, which was great by the way. Still completely closed and 3.8cm long. After that he says, "We aren't going to have time to do your full growth scan and heart exam on all of the babies today. They only had you scheduled for your yearly exam." I was not very happy and I let him know. I told him that the appointment had been scheduled for weeks and they were just supposed to bump up the start time not shorten the length of the appointment. Then he said that his partner got called to an emergency C-section so he had to see all of her patients also. Still not sure what the real problem was. Was it the office staff like he originally said or was he trying to blame them? I understand that in high risk OB care there are emergencies, but be honest with me. The appointment before this one, we waited almost 2 hours just to see him, but they told us there was an emergency and we saw him running out of the office towards the hospital, so that time made sense. I'm fine with waiting, just be honest. Okay...done complaining about that. We got to see all three babies and their heartbeats, amount of amniotic fluid, and femur lengths were good. Didn't get to find out their weights. He did say the girls are short. Well we aren't tall people so that's not a shock. My next appointment is on Monday. Supposed to be 1 hr 45 min appointment for cervical check and full ultrasound. Just called to confirm they had it right and they assured me they did. Guess we'll find out Monday.

After the appointment Monday, Adam, me, my mom, and his mom are getting a private tour of the special care facilities at Kettering. I've been getting lots of comments about how I should be going to Miami Valley and I figured the only way to be sure was to check it out. I had a long talk with the manager on the phone last week and she was very honest and helpful. She said about half of her nurses are level 3 special care certified and experienced and the other half will have a preceptor with them AT ALL TIMES. That's fine with us. Everyone has to learn and as long as they are DIRECTLY supervised by someone experienced we're good with that. We're excited to get a look at where our babies may be. She said that if I make it to 36 weeks like the doctor wants, they may just be in there overnight! How amazing would that be?!?!?!

The nursery is officially finished, complete with paint, border, and organizer closet system, and clothes put away. We just need our last crib and two more crib mattresses. We now have 4 bouncy seats and 3 swings! We still need preemie and newborn clothes (especially for Errol), some more Boppy pillows, sheets, booster seats, things like that. So glad it's all coming together. I'm trying to have everything done as much as I can in case bed rest or hospitalization sneaks up on us. Really hoping to still be feeling decent for my shower in April. My mom, mother-in-law, and a friend are doing one all together. Figured that would be easier on me physically than a bunch of separate ones. Adam is excited and wants to come too. He went to my one at church for Jozey and had more fun that I did :)

Nothing else too exciting to report.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers,

Almost forgot that at 16 months Jozey is finally walking like a pro!!!

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  1. Hey Marilee :)
    I got to hold a B-eutiful baby girl in the nursey today... :).. hmm... Oh ya! It was Jozey! She is so sweer... and soooo pretty! She has the biggest, beautiful eyes! I had never actully seen her..just pictures.. and she was my little buddy the whole time.. I read her this Donald Duck book I think 30 times.. lol.. and then I sat with her on the floor with her bag.. and she took everything out of it.. the barbie with the colored hair ;) and she wanted me to read her all of the books in her bag too.. and then she ate the cereal bar at the bottom of the bag :) Shes a cutie! I enjoyed getting to be with her this morning!... Hope all is going ok with YOU! I can totally understand what you mean by "I just wanna take off my belly and sit it down for a while" haha.. poor thing!...:( You are probably the equivalent of a full term mommy of 1 right now, right?... I pray you continue to do well.. and hope you figure out how to sleep.. thats the worst.. You need to do a belly pic again soon :)