Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Little Bump in the Road (25 wks and 5 days)

Didn't want to worry anyone, but we spent the night at Kettering Hospital again last night. I AM FINE! We thought I had a slow leak in one of the amniotic sacs, but everything appears to be okay. They did a paper test on the fluid and it turned blue like amniotic fluid would, but that could aslo mean other things. My dr came in to see me a little before ten o'clock last night and did an ultrasound and exam and was very pleased with everything. The gave me a celestone shot to help mature the babies lungs and I will stay so that I can get the second dose, which is usually given about 24 hours after the first. Celestone is a steroid that helps the lungs produce surfactant. Surfactant is very important for preemies and any newborns, in that it helps "lubricate" the lungs and keep the walls from sticking together when they touch during breathing. I may get this once a week for a while. Not really sure yet. Going over to dr. Saldanas office sometime today for cervical ultrasound to make sure it is still closed and long. Then I will hopefully go home later this evening. Jozey stayed with my parents and Adam is picking her up after working a half day today.

I feel great. Have a good book with me and am just gonna rest and order room service all day :)

Sorry if any of you are offended that we didn't call you last night, we just didn't want to worry anyone and it was ten before we found out I had to stay. Someone started the prayer chain, which is fine, but I hope no one was offended to find out that way instead of by us. That was not our intention at all.

So, like I said, I feel fine and there is no need to visit, but I'm at good 'ole Kettering Hospital if you need me.


  1. im glad to hear you are okay. tara scared the crap out of me when she called me after their meeting last night. but keep those babies safe and i hope to see you home soon. :)

  2. Sorry, Stevi. I wanted Adam to call your dad last night but he didn't want to wake anyone. I shouldve texted you. Thanks for being concerned. You're very sweet :) Love you.

  3. Hey Marilee! I praise you at how serious you take each bump in the road! I did not tell anyone I was feeling lousy, was just brushing it off as "ehh, I'm having twins, I'm huge, I should feel like I can't stand up or walk." And, you see where that got me! So, great job staying on top of EVERYTHING, I wish I would have too. There's just something about being 25 weeks and 5 days along, like there's a big bump in the pregnancy road there :) That's exactly the day I had my twins, 25.5 weeks. So, great job at keeping them in. Surfactant works wonders, even steriods given in the period of two days makes a HECK of a difference. I never got the steriods for 24 hours, I only got ONE dose and it was given about 2 hours before I had an emergency C-section. So, that is awesome they are administering steriods NOW, just in case. They can only help. Your doctor, Dr. Saldana, sounds like he's top-notch, and very proactive. That's what you need with a multiple pregnancy, something I didn't have! Well, lesson learned for me! :)

    Praying for you and your trio! You can do this!

  4. there is always some one awake at my house. lol you're very welcome and if you need anything just let us know. :) love you.

  5. Jill- Thanks for the kind words. Me dr's strict instructions and restrictions are the reason why we r still hanging in I'm sure. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's very hard to determine what is going on inside that belly when there is more than one baby. Your miracles are my inspiration :)

    Stevi- Thanks! Love you.

  6. I am very glad to hear that you and the babies are fine. I also am glad to hear they went ahead with the celestone...it does wonders believe me in the babies lungs. Even if they still need surfactant when they are born, they do so much better when they have had the full dosing of Celestone. Very smart of your doctor...to be safe rather than wish they had!! :) Keep in touch and keep up the good work resting!!