Monday, March 8, 2010

Hospitalization & Cerclage (22 wks and 4 days)

Dr appt today didn't go quite as planned. Babies are big and great. 1lb 2oz,1lb, and 12oz. Hearts are healthy ad fully formed. Problem is my cervix. It is shortening and to prevent it from dilating, I agreed to be admitted to Kettering for a couple days for observation, bedrest, fluids, and a cerclage (surgically sewing my cervix shut). The surgery is at noon tomorrow. I AM FINE!!! I would appreciate lots of prayers, but please don't worry about me. Adam is staying with me and Jozey has good gradmas and grandpas to take care of her.

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  1. We will keep you in our prayers! Hope all goes well for you tomorrow with the cerclage. Hopefully that will do the trick! Glad to hear the babies are growing well and healthy!!!