Friday, March 19, 2010

24 week appointment

Just got home from drs appointment. It wasn't a full anatomical ultrasound, so we didn't find out any weights or sizes. Great heartbeats on all babies. Errol is now breech, Avery is transverse with feet towards my middle, and Layla is transverse with body around towards my back. Amniotic fluid is a little on the low side on all of them and my cervix is funneling from the inside out up to my stitches. Its about 3cm now. The fluid may be low from the indocin im taking to relax my uterus and prevent contractions. Neither of these are major problems at this point but he wants me to make sure I'm getting my morning, afternoon, and evening rests in. Still having trouble with the morning. I don't like just laying on the couch and watching Jozey play by herself. I feel like I'm neglecting her. I feel like whatever I'm do I'm either picking her over the babies or the babies over her I'm just gonna have to make arrangements to have someone here every morning. Who really wants to come over at 8 or 9 am though? I know this won't last forever, but it's just overwhelming. I love these babies so much, but this is not at all what we expected or planned. Can my body really handle this? It may sound silly to be overwhelmed with having to rest, but I love being with Jozey and I can't even play with her outside now that it's warm. My resting has to be laying down. Don't know how else to describe it except overwhelming. Good news is that viability (when the babies have a good chance of survival outside of me) is next week. Don't want them to be born yet, but it's still reassuring. Sorry to complain so much :(


  1. Complaining? I don't think so. You're merely stating facts and I think everything you have said will be understood by those who love you. We can only imagine how over-whelmed you must be but we would've had to walk in your shoes to fully understand. Grandma Saunders

  2. Hi! I work with Patti and I have 6 month old twins. She gave me your blog because she knew I could relate (sort of at least, I only have two...). :)

    I complained the ENTIRE time I was pregnant, so don't feel bad. Having two babies in your belly makes you pretty miserable. I'm sure 3 is even more uncomfortable! :)