Monday, March 29, 2010

A Typical Day on Modified Bedrest

A lot of people have asked what modified bed rest is and what I do all day, so here it is..a typical day.

Adam gets up for work. By this time, I've probably been laying awake for almost an hour trying not to wake him. I watch some TV, have a snack, then try to go back to sleep.

8:00 or 9:00
Jozey wakes up. We go downstairs and have breakfast, usually while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Handy Manny :)

This is usually when my helper for the morning arrives. They play with Jozey and sometimes do a little housework while I lay down on the couch and begin to clock my first two hr rest. I know it seems like I shouldn't need to rest already, but I can't get all of my rest times in if I don't start one now and believe it or not I'm usually already tired from carrying her downstairs and getting her in and out of booster seat for breakfast.

First rest of the day is done. Time for lunch. I make something simple or whoever is helping me gets us something.

Usually try to start Jozey's nap time about now. Does great in her toddler bed at night, but really pushes my buttons by getting out of bed 5 times at nap time before falling asleep, usually on the floor. So yesterday, at my moms suggestion we got out the pack n play and put it in her room for naps. She was out after 20 min. Before I lay down to start my second rest, I usually put a load of laundry in. Then I lay down upstairs because I'm only allowed two trips up/down stairs daily. I read, watch TV, or sleep depending on my mood. I feel like there is becoming a permanent imprint of my expanding body in our bed I'm in there so much. If I'm awake to hear the washer I switch clothes over during my rest time.

About when Jozey wakes up. I get clothes out of dryer before getting her, then fold and out them away while she plays in our room.

Adam's home! If I'm feeling well, he runs, works out, or gets a little video game time in then takes over with Jozey. If I'm exhausted, he takes over right away. I try to let him get a little down time in.

If someone is bringing us dinner, this is when it usually arrives. We all eat, then I start another rest time on the couch while Adam and Jo play and get a bath. I can't go back upstairs until bedtime so I don't go over my allotted stairs trips for the day. Sometimes I cheat, because I hate to miss bath time. The two of them get pretty wild in the tub :)

Adam puts Jozey to bed and I take a shower if I'm done downstairs. I do not like my showers!!! I'm a bathtub girl, but I'm following Dr's orders and showering on my lovely little shower chair.

We are usually in bed. After talking to all of the babies and watching and feeling them move for a bit, Adam is out quickly. I lay and watch TV or read till I fall asleep. My night is scattered with bathroom trips, awkward position changes with my mound of pillows, and the occasional snack. Oh and can't forget the middle of the night nose bleeds.

So that's my typical day. Not too exciting. There are occasional changes in our day, like and unexpected visitor or Jo staying at my parents. Going to the Dr is about the only time I put regular clothes on anymore (and church of course, when I make it :) I make it to church when I can. I haven't had to miss a Thursday night Youth Worship service yet and that's the one I'll hold onto as long as I possibly can. We just eat, have a short lesson, and then Adam leads amazing music for an hour. It's my encouragement for the week. I just sit in back and watch them sing and worship and take it all in. I love it.

There are some parts I do enjoy a lot about being home though. I love all of the time I get to spend with Jozey. She's developing such a little personality. We work on new words, like body parts and animals. She is pronouncing things very well. Her new favorite things to say are, "I love you" and when you ask how she is she smiles and says "good" It's adorable. Also feeling all of these babies move is amazing and incredibly weird at the same time.

I have an appointment Wednesday and SHOULD get to find out current weights and sizes on these little guys. Thanks so much for all of the food, thoughts, prayers, and calls. Keep 'em coming. They are what has brought us to this amazing point of survival for our babies

Love you all!

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  1. Glad to hear things are going well for you guys, keep up the good work, you guys are doing great!!! Love Matt and Joey