Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New plan...again.

New plan again. The nurse manager of the NICU at Kettering called me yesterday and said that since they still need one more neonatologist and are technically not a level 3 NICU yet, they cannot care for any babies under 1 kilogram. Lovely to find that out now. Layla and Avery are both still under that. So we will be delivering here at MVH. I spoke with Dr. Saldana and he said he was as shocked as we were by their requirement. Don't know who missed it but bottom line is we can't go there right now and don't see the point in switching back and forth again. We met with Dr. McKenna (the one we originally didn't like) and were honest about our feelings for him. He assured us he is not giving up on Layla and feels she is doing very well right now and has been the entire week I've been here. He said that he feels the babies and I are stable enough for me to go home and come in three times a week for ultrasounds and non stress tests and if at anytime things change with any of the babies he will deliver immediately. He said they offer an elective csection at 34 weeks with triplets if the mom is miserable. So if all goes well, I may make it to my 35 week goal after all. The plan is to stay tonight and have another ultrasound and non stress test tomorrow, then if both are normal and after Adam and I get a tour of the NICU I will be going home!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hospital Day 10

All of the babies did well on their non stress test today. I slept great last night. Didn't really get up till after 9. Yesterday afternoon my dr from Kettering, Dr. Saldana, called to check on me. He still feels the best thing for layla's situation is for them to be born next week and not wait a lot longer. He said he is keeping my csection slot for Friday morning at 8:30 and if I can get transferred there at least two hrs before he will deliver them that day. So my plan is to try to get transferred back there on Thursday when I turn 30 weeks. I've told a couple nurses and drs and they all seem to understand that I want to be with my dr that I trust. Nothing else new or exciting happening. Just resting lots. Thanks for the continued prayers.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hospital Day 9

Just got back from ultrasound. No changes today. Layla still has interrupted cord bloodflow, but heartbeat and oxygenation are still great. A different dr was down there today and she said on Wednesday they were just trying to prepare us for all possible scenarios and outcomes and they feel she is probably just severely growth restricted. Wish they wouldve made that clearer then. Our plan is to hang out here till end of next week and get transferred back to Kettering. I really want my dr that I've had all along to delivers these little babies. Thanks for the prayers.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't want to go into too many details right now, but a dr that we had met literally ten seconds before and was looking at my ultrasound for the first time, jumped to a worst case scenario situation for Layla with no concrete evidence just his suspicion. He presented it to us very coldly and like we should just give up. I talked to the dr I've had all along who has been handling triplets and those with growth problems as well for a long time and he sees no reason to assume the worst. Please pray for little Layla. We know God is in control and are continuing to turn it over to him.
Had a scary night and day yesterday. Woke up Tuesday morning with a large amount of vomiting. They had giving my a sleeping pill and some pain medication the night before for some contractions. After getting sick, they gave me phenergan. Soon after that, I started regular painful contractions so they started me on magnesium sulfate to stop them. That meant a foley catheter and strict bedrest. If you've ever had mag before, you understand
The awful day that followed. I was awake an hr or less all day. Hot flashes, dizziness, couldn't think straight, heart palpitations. It was awful. The weirdest was having hot eyelids. The day went on and the contractions got better then worse. I ended up being transferred to Miami Valley Hospital by ambulance at about ten last night because the neonatologist decided they didn't want to deliver me at 28 wks and 5 days if this was leading into real labor. Never had any cervical changes though. No contractions all night and nurse just came in and turned off mag and took out my foley! We meet the dr today and will discuss the best plan for me and the babies. Loved being at Kettering, but will stay here if it's best for us all.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Delivery Date Change

Change of plans. Dr. Saldana just came in and told me that the Ohio Dept of Health is coming the day I'm scheduled for my csection, so to avoid distracted people doing such a big procedure they are moving it to Friday, the 30th, probably at 8:30. I started another round of steroids today to help their lungs more and he got it approved for me to deliver and babies to stay here if stable, if I should need to have them sooner.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hospital Day 4

I had an ultrasound this morning with the dr. All babies are hanging in there. Errol and Avery's fluid levels are both at a 5. Layla's is at 2.8. He said that was what is was yesterday, so I must not have been paying attention yesterday. He also said that the c section will be on the day I turn 30 weeks. Yesterday he didn't really specify if it would be exactly that day or the next. It is scheduled for 7:15 am. He also said I would get another round of steroids for their lungs next week.

I guess some people were confused by my last post. The babies will only be transferred to Childrens if they come before thirty weeks or if they come at thirty weeks and have major problems.

That's all for now.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

We Have a Delivery Date

Just had an ultrasound in my room with the dr. He said Layla and Avery are too growth restricted to stay in any longer than 30 weeks. Layla is in the 5th percentile and Avery is in the 15th. So the plan is that unless one of them take a drastic turn for the worse, I will stay here until I am 30 weeks and have them then. I turn 30 weeks on Thursday, April 29. Not sure what time yet. People may not understand it, but after much thought we have decided that since they will be so tiny and delivery day will be scary, THE ONLY PEOPLE WE WANT AT THE HOSPITAL THAT DAY ARE OUR PARENTS. No one else. After they are born and we know their condition and mine we will let people know right away. Please no one take this personally. We are excited to meet them, but still a little scared. All I can do to help them at this point is lay here and rest and eat. If you come to visit, bring a big chocolate milkshake :)

Thanks for all of your prayers and keep praying for 30 weeks. 12 more days.

Hospital Day 2

Doing pretty well in the hospital. Little boring but I'm able to rest all day and that's what the babies need. Layla's cord flows were good yesterday and her amniotic fluid level had increased dramatically. Not sure what units they measure it in, but it went from 2 something to 5! I'm getting fetal non stress tests twice daily and those have all been great. They put a monitor on my belly over each baby and also one to check for contractions. They try to keep them all on for thirty minutes, which is quite a challenge. They are watching their heartrates and seeing if they respond well when they move. Other than those tests, I just get my vitals twice daily and some meds in the evening. I feel much more at ease being here and knowing we are just across the hall from the operating room should anything happen. They can deliver them here before 30 wks only in an emergency, but after they were stabilized they would be transferred to Childrens without me :( Come on 30 weeks!

Friday, April 16, 2010

What we Should Expect

Had a visit from the special care nursery nurses and one of the neonatologists earlier. They answered lots of questions for us and let us know what to expect of babies born at 30 weeks. They said that they will most likely all be on ventilators for at least a couple of days, then will step down to CPAP (continuous pressure in their noses to help their lungs expand, same thing some people wear for sleep apnea and snooring), then down to oxygen through their noses or by masks, then to room air. They said they will not attempt to feed them by mouth until 34 weeks. Until then it will be by tubes in the nose. They need to get to 4lbs and be able to coordinate sucking, swallowing, and breathing before they can go home. They have to be taking all of their feedings by mouth to go home. They said to expect them to go stay in the hospital until around their actual due date no matter when they are born (July 8th) and be pleasantly suprised if they come home earlier. The neonatologist really wants me to pump breast milk for them at least while they are in the hospital. I wasn't planning on it because of the awful time I had nursing Jozey and the mastitis I got twice even during pumping, but if it will help them gain weight quicker I'll do it. I sold my pump when I stopped with Jozey so let me know if anyone has a good one they aren't using. I think I can rent one from the hospital. I'm going to call a lactation consultant tomorrow.

This evening they did a non stress test on all of the babies and besides wiggling and being difficult to keep on the monitor, they all passed with flying colors.

Gonna try to go back to sleep now. Night night :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hooray Little Layla!!!

So today took a suprising turn when I got a call from my dr this morning. He said that he reviewed my chart with his partner and a neonatologist last night and they felt that I needed to come back in today and recheck Laylas cord flow and if it was still sluggish I would need to go to Miami Valley and have them today. Kettering cannot deliver less than 30 weeks yet because to get their level 3 certification they have to have a couple more specialized neonatologists, like cardiology and nephrology. Adam came home from work and we took Jozey to moms and Adams mom is picking her up from there. When we got to the dr and they checked Layla we were pleasantly suprised to find her flow had improved. No delivery today!!! If I would have to go the Miami Valley, my dr cannot deliver them because he doesn't have privilages there. I don't like that at all. Adam, Dr. Saldana, and I all agreed that the best place for me to be was in the hospital, so I'm in Labor and Delivery at Kettering and will stay here till at least Monday but maybe for two weeks till I make it to 30 weeks. Glad i decided to pack everyones bags yesterday :) I will welcome visitors this time. This could get pretty boring. Boring is better than having two pound babies though.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

28 weeks

I had my 28 week drs appointment today. All of the babies are gaining weight. Errol is up to 2lb 4oz, Avery is 2lb, and little Layla is 1lb 8oz. Layla's amniotic fluid is back up. She is the main concern right now. The bloodflow to and from her brain is good, but the flow through her umbilical cord is getting sluggish. I have to go back to the dr on Friday to have it rechecked. If it is still sluggish I will be admitted for observation and possibly stay until I'm 30 weeks and they can safely be delivered. If things improve with Layla, by Friday or while I'm
in the hospital, he will hold off on delivery until 32 weeks. So we are either having these babies in 2 or 4 weeks! Scary but exciting. Lots of prayers please!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

27 weeks

Had 27 week appointment today. Dr. Saldana kept saying how excited he was that I've made it this far without major problems. He did my cervical check first. The stitches are still holding it completely closed. My length is a little shorter this week at 2.8cm, but that is still very good. The biggest pocket of amniotic fluid they found around Layla was 2.8(not sure if that's cm or in) which is up from last time. He checked the bloodflow in and out of her cord and brain and it was great. So she still doesn't seem to know that she's almost a pound smaller than her brother. Dr. Saldana was very pleased with everything. I told him I think I may be having occasional contractions, but I'm not sure. He said since layla's fluid is up I can take the indomethicin when I feel multiple contraction. I have weekly appointments scheduled now until I'm 32 wks, with weekly cervical checks and bi-weekly growth scans for everyone and blood/oxygen flow checks on Layla. I asked him when we would be at the point of being so concerned about the weight difference in the babies that he would have to deliver them earlier than he wanted. He said he wouldn't jeopardize the other two when they still are at a high mortality rate until Layla was in severe danger, which he says we are not even close to. That was good to know. Can't imagine being the one in charge of that decision. He is now aiming for 32 weeks which is May 13th. He delivered 31wk 3day triplets yesterday and they are all 4 lbs and breathing on their own! Very encouraging.

Almost forgot that thanks to my grandparents and aunt, we are now the proud owners of a minivan :)

Very excited about seeing family and friends at our first baby/baby/baby shower Saturday!

Again, thanks so much for the prayers, housework help, and meals. Your help is allowing me to rest and grow these babies big and strong. Mornings with Jozey are when I need the most help, like 9-12. Let me know if anyone wants to come over and play or take her to the park when it's nice :)

Love you all.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

26 weeks

Sorry it's taking me two days to post since being home from the hospital, I've just been too worn out to sit up for long and get tired of typing on my phone's little keyboard. So we got home at about 9:00 Tuesday night and we were exhausted. My mom kept Jozey again so we could rest and since I had a long Dr appointment scheduled for Wednesday. I felt ok, just tired Tuesday night. When I woke up Wednesday morning me feet were a little puffy and tingling, but nothing too awful. At 11:00 I took my Procardia. That's the medication the Dr switched me to from the Indomethicin to relax my uterus. A side effect of the Indomethicin is decreasing amounts of amniotic fluid, which is why he stopped it. So anyway, Adam's aunt Lou picked me up a little after 11:00 and we went to Applebee's for lunch before my appointment. By the time we got to the Dr's, my feet were huge, both legs were red up to my thighs, and I was flushed all over and felt like my heart was racing. I told the Dr as soon as we got in and he assessed me and found that my blood pressure was 128/70 (usually 110/70), my heart rate was in the 120s (usually less than 100), my weight was 149 (up 7lbs in 2 days)and he obviously agreed about the crazy looking legs. he felt that most of my symptoms were side effects of the Procardia and told me to quit taking it. He thought the weight gain and some of the fluid retention was from the IV fluids I received in the hospital. The checked my urine as usual and found come glucose or sugar in it and he was concerned at first until we connected the steroids and IV fluid I'd received in the hospital to the result. I was supposed to do my gestational diabetes test this week, but he pushed it back to next week because of the misleading results.

After he checked me out, we moved on to the ultrasound. Errol was first and he weighed 2lbs (up from 1lb 3oz at last check)! Very excited about that. His amniotic fluid level is great and his only anatomical issue is some fluid around his kidneys. Dr. Saldana said this can be common in boys and it isn't to a critical level yet. Next was Avery. Her weight was up to 1lb 11oz (from 1lb 3oz). her amniotic fluid level was good also. Next was the tiny little Layla. She is just 1lb 3oz (up from 12oz). Her amniotic fluid is still a little low, but she has excellent blood flow through umbilical cord and to brain, so Dr. Saldana says she is adjusted to the lower level of fluid. He said the only thing I can do to help is rest, rest, rest, and drink, drink, drink lots of water. So that's what I've been doing. My cervical check was great and the cerclage (stitches) are doing their job. He said I will have four more weekly cervical checks and then we just wait and see. There is really nothing more he can do to prevent dilation, but things are going good from that aspect so far.

I feel a little better today. Less swelling and I've lost a pound of the water weight. I went back for a quick check today and my blood pressure was back down to 100/70 and heart rate was 100. Next appointment is Wednesday just for a cervical check. He feels the babies will be fine if I can make it to 30 weeks. even though I'm getting miserable I'd like to keep going as long as I can. I still hope to make it till the middle of May at least.

I know I say it every time, but thanks for the continued prayers, support, and help. It means a lot.