Thursday, April 1, 2010

26 weeks

Sorry it's taking me two days to post since being home from the hospital, I've just been too worn out to sit up for long and get tired of typing on my phone's little keyboard. So we got home at about 9:00 Tuesday night and we were exhausted. My mom kept Jozey again so we could rest and since I had a long Dr appointment scheduled for Wednesday. I felt ok, just tired Tuesday night. When I woke up Wednesday morning me feet were a little puffy and tingling, but nothing too awful. At 11:00 I took my Procardia. That's the medication the Dr switched me to from the Indomethicin to relax my uterus. A side effect of the Indomethicin is decreasing amounts of amniotic fluid, which is why he stopped it. So anyway, Adam's aunt Lou picked me up a little after 11:00 and we went to Applebee's for lunch before my appointment. By the time we got to the Dr's, my feet were huge, both legs were red up to my thighs, and I was flushed all over and felt like my heart was racing. I told the Dr as soon as we got in and he assessed me and found that my blood pressure was 128/70 (usually 110/70), my heart rate was in the 120s (usually less than 100), my weight was 149 (up 7lbs in 2 days)and he obviously agreed about the crazy looking legs. he felt that most of my symptoms were side effects of the Procardia and told me to quit taking it. He thought the weight gain and some of the fluid retention was from the IV fluids I received in the hospital. The checked my urine as usual and found come glucose or sugar in it and he was concerned at first until we connected the steroids and IV fluid I'd received in the hospital to the result. I was supposed to do my gestational diabetes test this week, but he pushed it back to next week because of the misleading results.

After he checked me out, we moved on to the ultrasound. Errol was first and he weighed 2lbs (up from 1lb 3oz at last check)! Very excited about that. His amniotic fluid level is great and his only anatomical issue is some fluid around his kidneys. Dr. Saldana said this can be common in boys and it isn't to a critical level yet. Next was Avery. Her weight was up to 1lb 11oz (from 1lb 3oz). her amniotic fluid level was good also. Next was the tiny little Layla. She is just 1lb 3oz (up from 12oz). Her amniotic fluid is still a little low, but she has excellent blood flow through umbilical cord and to brain, so Dr. Saldana says she is adjusted to the lower level of fluid. He said the only thing I can do to help is rest, rest, rest, and drink, drink, drink lots of water. So that's what I've been doing. My cervical check was great and the cerclage (stitches) are doing their job. He said I will have four more weekly cervical checks and then we just wait and see. There is really nothing more he can do to prevent dilation, but things are going good from that aspect so far.

I feel a little better today. Less swelling and I've lost a pound of the water weight. I went back for a quick check today and my blood pressure was back down to 100/70 and heart rate was 100. Next appointment is Wednesday just for a cervical check. He feels the babies will be fine if I can make it to 30 weeks. even though I'm getting miserable I'd like to keep going as long as I can. I still hope to make it till the middle of May at least.

I know I say it every time, but thanks for the continued prayers, support, and help. It means a lot.

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  1. OH! Procardia. I HATED it!!! It turned me bright red and made me feel like I was on fire for the first hour after I took it and since I had to take it every 3 hours I pretty much felt like that for 4 months... I feel for you!!!!