Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hospital Day 2

Doing pretty well in the hospital. Little boring but I'm able to rest all day and that's what the babies need. Layla's cord flows were good yesterday and her amniotic fluid level had increased dramatically. Not sure what units they measure it in, but it went from 2 something to 5! I'm getting fetal non stress tests twice daily and those have all been great. They put a monitor on my belly over each baby and also one to check for contractions. They try to keep them all on for thirty minutes, which is quite a challenge. They are watching their heartrates and seeing if they respond well when they move. Other than those tests, I just get my vitals twice daily and some meds in the evening. I feel much more at ease being here and knowing we are just across the hall from the operating room should anything happen. They can deliver them here before 30 wks only in an emergency, but after they were stabilized they would be transferred to Childrens without me :( Come on 30 weeks!

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