Wednesday, April 7, 2010

27 weeks

Had 27 week appointment today. Dr. Saldana kept saying how excited he was that I've made it this far without major problems. He did my cervical check first. The stitches are still holding it completely closed. My length is a little shorter this week at 2.8cm, but that is still very good. The biggest pocket of amniotic fluid they found around Layla was 2.8(not sure if that's cm or in) which is up from last time. He checked the bloodflow in and out of her cord and brain and it was great. So she still doesn't seem to know that she's almost a pound smaller than her brother. Dr. Saldana was very pleased with everything. I told him I think I may be having occasional contractions, but I'm not sure. He said since layla's fluid is up I can take the indomethicin when I feel multiple contraction. I have weekly appointments scheduled now until I'm 32 wks, with weekly cervical checks and bi-weekly growth scans for everyone and blood/oxygen flow checks on Layla. I asked him when we would be at the point of being so concerned about the weight difference in the babies that he would have to deliver them earlier than he wanted. He said he wouldn't jeopardize the other two when they still are at a high mortality rate until Layla was in severe danger, which he says we are not even close to. That was good to know. Can't imagine being the one in charge of that decision. He is now aiming for 32 weeks which is May 13th. He delivered 31wk 3day triplets yesterday and they are all 4 lbs and breathing on their own! Very encouraging.

Almost forgot that thanks to my grandparents and aunt, we are now the proud owners of a minivan :)

Very excited about seeing family and friends at our first baby/baby/baby shower Saturday!

Again, thanks so much for the prayers, housework help, and meals. Your help is allowing me to rest and grow these babies big and strong. Mornings with Jozey are when I need the most help, like 9-12. Let me know if anyone wants to come over and play or take her to the park when it's nice :)

Love you all.

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  1. Great news from the doctor today. Keep doing what you've been doing as it seems to be working. Also, grandpa and I are happy that we could afford to give you the van.