Friday, April 16, 2010

What we Should Expect

Had a visit from the special care nursery nurses and one of the neonatologists earlier. They answered lots of questions for us and let us know what to expect of babies born at 30 weeks. They said that they will most likely all be on ventilators for at least a couple of days, then will step down to CPAP (continuous pressure in their noses to help their lungs expand, same thing some people wear for sleep apnea and snooring), then down to oxygen through their noses or by masks, then to room air. They said they will not attempt to feed them by mouth until 34 weeks. Until then it will be by tubes in the nose. They need to get to 4lbs and be able to coordinate sucking, swallowing, and breathing before they can go home. They have to be taking all of their feedings by mouth to go home. They said to expect them to go stay in the hospital until around their actual due date no matter when they are born (July 8th) and be pleasantly suprised if they come home earlier. The neonatologist really wants me to pump breast milk for them at least while they are in the hospital. I wasn't planning on it because of the awful time I had nursing Jozey and the mastitis I got twice even during pumping, but if it will help them gain weight quicker I'll do it. I sold my pump when I stopped with Jozey so let me know if anyone has a good one they aren't using. I think I can rent one from the hospital. I'm going to call a lactation consultant tomorrow.

This evening they did a non stress test on all of the babies and besides wiggling and being difficult to keep on the monitor, they all passed with flying colors.

Gonna try to go back to sleep now. Night night :)


  1. Nicole McCallisterApril 16, 2010 at 9:46 AM

    The double, hospital grade pump is the best route to go. It makes it so much easier, and it's not difficult like some pumps can be. I would rent that one. Praying for you all!!!

  2. I still have my pump if you need to use it.