Saturday, April 17, 2010

We Have a Delivery Date

Just had an ultrasound in my room with the dr. He said Layla and Avery are too growth restricted to stay in any longer than 30 weeks. Layla is in the 5th percentile and Avery is in the 15th. So the plan is that unless one of them take a drastic turn for the worse, I will stay here until I am 30 weeks and have them then. I turn 30 weeks on Thursday, April 29. Not sure what time yet. People may not understand it, but after much thought we have decided that since they will be so tiny and delivery day will be scary, THE ONLY PEOPLE WE WANT AT THE HOSPITAL THAT DAY ARE OUR PARENTS. No one else. After they are born and we know their condition and mine we will let people know right away. Please no one take this personally. We are excited to meet them, but still a little scared. All I can do to help them at this point is lay here and rest and eat. If you come to visit, bring a big chocolate milkshake :)

Thanks for all of your prayers and keep praying for 30 weeks. 12 more days.

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  1. You're smart for telling folks that you only want your parents at the hospital when they are born. We had a HUGE group of people and it was very emotional because the boys had to go to the NICU (one to NICU and one to transition). No one could see the babies and I was a mess, so I didn't want company... Good for you for going ahead and recognizing that you probably won't want visitors right away.