Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New plan...again.

New plan again. The nurse manager of the NICU at Kettering called me yesterday and said that since they still need one more neonatologist and are technically not a level 3 NICU yet, they cannot care for any babies under 1 kilogram. Lovely to find that out now. Layla and Avery are both still under that. So we will be delivering here at MVH. I spoke with Dr. Saldana and he said he was as shocked as we were by their requirement. Don't know who missed it but bottom line is we can't go there right now and don't see the point in switching back and forth again. We met with Dr. McKenna (the one we originally didn't like) and were honest about our feelings for him. He assured us he is not giving up on Layla and feels she is doing very well right now and has been the entire week I've been here. He said that he feels the babies and I are stable enough for me to go home and come in three times a week for ultrasounds and non stress tests and if at anytime things change with any of the babies he will deliver immediately. He said they offer an elective csection at 34 weeks with triplets if the mom is miserable. So if all goes well, I may make it to my 35 week goal after all. The plan is to stay tonight and have another ultrasound and non stress test tomorrow, then if both are normal and after Adam and I get a tour of the NICU I will be going home!!!


  1. 35 weeks will be great for the babies. 30 weeks just seems so early. Trust these doctors, they are the best!

  2. So happy to hear that and happy that you guys spoke to him about your feelings, that is awesome! I still find it amazing you guys have been given this awesome opportunity and gift, what a blessing! keep up the good work!!!

    With Love,
    Matt and Joey Gagel

  3. Marilee and Adam
    So glad to read that things are progressing well for you and the babies. I am so excited to meet them and am very happy you get to go home for awhile before the babies are born.
    Gets lots of rest and know we love you.
    Patti and Denny