Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Babies First Week

All of the babies are doing very well. Errol had his IV removed last night and is doing great being feed breast milk exclusively. All of them have feeding tubes in their noses and get fed through it every three hours. I think he is getting about 20ccs. He has his temperature monitor off and will probably get his bili light turned off tomorrow. It'll be nice to see his eyes all of the time and not have to peek under those little sunglasses they have to wear because of the lights. He still has episodes of low/high heart and respiratory rates like the others, but is still adjusting to the outside world. He looks so much like Adam. He has jet black hair and a long oval face like his daddy. We have been able to hold him the most. He wiggles for a while, then settles in and nuzzles your chest and goes to sleep. He likes to lay on his belly in the isolette a lot.

Avery is tolerating her tube feeds very well too. I think she is getting just a little less than Errol. Her TPN (IV nutrition) is being decreased and will hopefully be off soon. She loves to lay curled up on her right side with her hands together up by her face. She has strawberry blond hair, but seems to look like my sister. We have each held her once.

Little Layla is strong, but having some issues with digesting her food. She only gets 1.4ccs every three hours. Her's goes in slower than the others. Errol's and Avery's feedings go over one hour and Layla's is stretched out over two hours. The problem is that when they check before the next feeding to see how it has digested, most of it is still in her stomach. They checked her for a bowel obstruction and just found some gas. She has had at least 6 bowel movements, which is way above what her siblings have had.Dr. Belcastro, their neonatologist, said this is a common problem in babies who had cordflow issues in utero like she did. It's hard to tell who she looks like right now since she is so tiny and bird like. Adam says when she stretches out on her back and has her bili light glasses on that she looks like a little old lady laying on the beach sunbathing :) We have each held her twice. It made me very nervous. She's just so tiny and fragile.

Errol and Avery may move out to the other part of the NICU to make room for less stable babies sometime this week. There is a triplet room there where they can all eventually be together. It has a set of triplets in it but the Dr says they will be going home before ours do so we will get it sometime. That will be great to have them together.

If anyone wants to visit them, let us know. We will be out there most evenings. You can't get in without us. Thanks for the continued prayers and support.


  1. Marilee&Adam
    Thanks for the wonderful updates. I just love hearing how the babies are thriving and can not wait to meet them.
    Take care of your self and we continue to send prayers your way.
    Love you

  2. They do sound like they are doing great, just minor bumps in the road! I just wanted to say that Dr. BelCastro is the absolute BEST doctor I have ever met! He is a Christian and Jesse and I spent many talks with the man about being a follower of Jesus! He is also a medical genius and I would trust my children to him whole-heartedly!!! He is outstanding! You are in great hands!

    BelCastro and Swarop were our favorites! Love MVH Nicu!

    By the way, some of Carter and Addy's primary nurses (nurses they got all the time) were Gwen, Susie, Casey, and Theresa! There were some great nurses if you want to request some primaries! :)

  3. By the way, this is Jill, Carter and Addison's mom, I just realized my husband, Jesse, was signed in his blog! Ha!

    sorry for the confusion! :)

  4. so happy to hear that everyone is doing ok. I stillu guys cannot believe that you guys had triplets!! Will keep praying for them all to continue to grow healthy and strong!