Friday, May 21, 2010

Beating the Norms Everyday

Babies are doing super! All are ABOVE their birth weights now! It's normal to lose weight like they did, but getting back to birth weight doesn't have to happen and doesn't usually happen until they are two weeks old. They are 9 days today.

Errol is 3lb 14oz from 3lb 12oz. He is adorable. He loves to smile already. Adam gave him a bath in a little tub yesterday while he was swaddled and said he loved it. Still has a lot of dark hair and looks more and more like Daddy everyday. We got to dress him a couple days ago :) His bili lights are off and it's so great to see his eyes all of the time now. He's maintaining his temperature well and is tolerating his tube feeding like a champ. Adam got to give him his first gravity feeding instead of the pump yesterday. This doesn't usually happen until they reach where the would have been 34 weeks. They were 33 yesterday. He may get to bottle feed or nurse soon. Still haven't decided about the nursing. I'm pumping for them now and getting more than I ever did with Jozey. I don't plan on nursing when they get home, but I may occasionally try in the hospital to help with our bonding.

Avery is doing well also. She weighs 3lb 5oz form 3lb 4oz. They had to put her on some caffeine to help her keep her respiratory rate and heart rate up, but they said it's a common thing and seems to be helping. She's on a little oxygen now to help until the caffeine becomes effective. She is off of her bili lights too and loves looking around. She is a little more stingy with her smiles, but adorable anyway. My mom got to hold her Wednesday and loved it :) We should be able to dress and bathe her soon, once her resp and heart rate situations get under control.

Little Layla amazes us every day. She is so feisty. She is up to 2lb 1oz from 2lb even. They are increasing her tube feedings and her digestion is getting better. She is the only one that still has an IV in. She has a PICC in her arm. She had one in her leg, but it started to get swollen so they moved it. She is also on caffeine. Adam's mom got to hold her yesterday :) I get very nervous holding her when she isn't swaddled. She's so tiny. Her little cheeks have fattened up a bit, but she pretty much still looks like a little old lady or a bird :) Fine with us, she's our miracle. She may get one if not both of her bili lights turned off today. She's been under them so long, she just stares at everything when she gets a break from her "sunglasses".

I'm doing very well. Amazed at the weight that's dropped off already, especially since I was so swollen after the surgery. Got my cerclage out yesterday and was able to take steri strips off incision last night. Still sore, but not too bad most of the time. I can drive and pick up Jozey starting Wednesday. Can't wait! Today is our first day home alone in a long time. It was so nice being able to sit on the floor and play with her again.


  1. wonderful news!!!! :)


  2. We are so happy for you guys!

  3. Thanks for the update. Jill has done a good job telling me about progresses but only briefly. This blog helps. What 3 great miracles! Grandma S.

  4. Congrats on all three of your miracles! I'm so glad to hear that they are all doing amazingly well!

    -Leanne (Green) Alldred

  5. What miracles:) I am so happy for all of you. So glad to hear they are doing sooo amazingly well. You remain in our thoughts and prayers daily and my Mom and Dad said the same. Give everyone hugs and kisses for us love you all let us know if you need anything! ((Hugs))