Saturday, May 15, 2010

The big day is here! Birth at 32 weeks (31wk 6days)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I had afternoon appointments Wednesday and since they were at Jozey's nap time, mom's friend Crystal came to the house to watch her. We got to the doctor's office at the hospital a little after 1:00. The non stress test was first and it went well. Next was the ultrasound. Everything was good with Errol and Avery, but when she got to the cord flows on Layla, I knew the babies had to be born that day. Dont know if I've explained this before, but a NORMAL cord flow tracing should peak above or below the baseline (direction depends on if they are looking at the umbilical arteries or the vein)then return close to the baseline but not touching it and rise or fall again. With ABSENT end diastolic flow it returns completely to baseline and has a break or gap then starts again. With REVERSE end diastolic flow it returns to baseline and crosses it, peaking again on the opposite side. Dr. McKenna had explained to us that the progression of this problem usually goes intermittently absent, absent, then reverse. If untreated or unrecognized babies die within 24 hours of reverse flow. Layla's flow was now intermittently reversed. I recognized it, but didn't want to alarm my mom so I occupied both of us with a game of scrabble on my phone while we waited for the dr to come in. When Dr. Kovach came in, she said the babies needed to be born that evening. It wasn't an emergency since it wasn't completely reversed, but we had made it clear that we wanted her out as soon as she was in danger. They scheduled the csection for 6:00pm and mom and I spent the next hour figuring out who we needed to call and making plans for Jozey.

Since I didn't make my goals of weeks and 5 pound babies, I made sure they would let me walk to pre-op at least. I walked there from the triage area a little before 6:00. Once I was there Adam got into his surgical clothes and sat while they took me into the OR to prep me. I agreed to let a student do my spinal, why?...I have no idea. He had to stick me twice and I was very uncomfortable throughout most of the surgery. He kept asking if it was pain or pressure. I said, very painful pressure. I didn't feel them cut me, but I felt every tug and pull after that. At one point I was bawling. Me hurting upset Adam and right after Errol came out crying, he had to put his head between his legs to keep himself going. We both missed Avery coming out, but they said she cried too. Then came little Layla. Her cry was the most wonderful sound I've ever heard. Adam went to the resusitation area with the babies while they finished up with me. They did a low bikini incision on my skin, but had to do a vertical classical incision on my uterus since the babies were all so small and fragile. While Adam was in with the babies, he passed out and fell on the floor. After some smelling salt he was fine :) All of the babies were immediately breathing on their own. They put them on cpap for some extra help though. Errol weighed 3lb 12oz, Avery weighed 3lb 4oz, and Layla weighed 2lb. We are so thankful for our litle miracles.

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  1. So Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us. Luv you guys and you are all still in our prayers:)
    Brian and Melissa