Saturday, May 29, 2010

34 weeks and 2 days

Everyone is doing very well. Errol is up to 4lb 7oz. They tried to give him a bottle yesterday but it didn't work well. I may attempt to nurse him today. Not sure though because I developed mastitis yesterday :( Hopefully I caught it early enough and it won't be as bad as it was with Jozey. Avery weighs 3lb 12oz and attempted the bottle without success yesterday too. Layla only weighs 2lb 5oz still, but had a high calorie fortifier added to her breastmilk finally like the others. Nothing else exciting to tell except that they are all sharing a room now which makes visits so much nicer.


  1. Marilee and Adam
    Glad to hear the babies are in one room,which does make it easier for you to visit with them. We pray for weight gain and it sounds as if our prayers are being answered. Can't wait to hear all 3 babies are gaining weight on a continual basis. I just know in my heart that you will be bringing one of those beautiful babies home very soon! Hang in there and give them kisses for us.
    Love you lots
    Patti and Denny

  2. When I had mastitis, nursing more was the best thing for getting rid of it - making sure the breast was emptied took care of it right away.

  3. An idea for you blog name. Marilee, Marilee, Life is But a Dream.