Saturday, May 1, 2010

30 weeks

Well after a stable ultrasound and great NST (non stress test) I got to come home Wednesday! I'm very suprised at how exhausted two weeks of just laying in a hospital bed have made me. I'm still resting as much as I can and taking the stairs as little as possible. I had appointments at Miami Valley today. First was my ultrasound. All of the babies anatomy was still great. Layla kept opening her mouth wide and closing it right on her placenta. I guess since her cord isn't feeding her that well, she's decided to eat her placenta :) Fluid levels were good on all babies. Layla's end diastolic cord flow was intermittently absent but it was completely absent last time so the doctor was pleased. From what I understand from information from the drs, absent end diastolic flow means that blood is pumping to her fine, she just isn't pumping it back as well. Next was my NST. And NST is where they place an ultrsound sensor on my stomach over each baby and also one somewhere in the middle to monitor for contractions. What they are looking for is for each baby to have 10 accelerations (increase in heartbeat of at least 15 beats that remains increased for at least 15 beats) in twenty minutes. Today they also had me press a button with each movement I felt (I might as well have just held the button down, they were very squirmy :). The accels were great and I felt tons of movement. I will have the same tests every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until the babies are born. Next Wednesday I will also have a growth scan to check weights. The dr said she wants to see that each baby, especially Layla, is gaining at least 2 oz per week. It'll be two weeks on weds since last weights, so Layla needs to have gained at least 4 oz. That would put her at 1lb 14oz. If any of them haven't gained enough the dr said we will have to talk about delivery. So the prayer for this week is at least a 4oz weight gain for each baby.


  1. I couldn't help but smile when you said "I may as well have kept the button pushed the whole time" that's what I thought it would be like! I can't imagine THREE babies kicking and squirming.. ONE can even get crazy! I know it seems like forever to YOU, but it has went so fast! 30 weeks?! That is awesome! 30 is great! Keep it up! (well, stay down..) but, keep up keeping them IN :) Hoping for a weight gain! Eat eat eat! :)Any special dessert or anything I could make you?!

  2. Wish it was that simple, Amanda. The drs think their low weight is due to cord problems, bad placental placement, or placental insufficiency, none of which I can do anything to help except rest. I've gained 50lbs already!