Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MY LAST HOUR: Not "scheduled" feeding time till three but Errol became hysterical at 1:30. Tried to calm him with no success. Gave him belly massage since he hasnt gone to the bathroom since sunday. Went ahead and fed both of them. When they were done Avery spit a little. While changing her she projectile spit up all over herself and changing table. After cleaning that i heard rumbles down below and discovered a huge poopy diaper. Changed her again then checked on Errol who was sound asleep in his crib in a huge blob of spit up. It was all over his hair. Changed him, wiped his hair, and changed his crib liner. Now everyone of us is in our own beds and will hopefully be sleeping soon :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Quick update before I sneak in a nap before next feeding time. Errol is home! We are doing much better than expected handling it all. Avery and he slept pretty well last night. Jozey had been excellent today and a good helper. Layla is doing very well with her bottles and they are talking about taking her tube out soon! Maybe home in a wk or two?!?!?!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Great Progress

Everyone is doing very well. Avery and jozey are adjusting well. The girls and I ventured out alone today and had a nice time. We visited mammie at work, had lunch at McDs, and exchanged some things at Babies R Us. Jozey is growing up so fast. She jabbered to me all day. Just a sweetheart. Avery is taking 2oz every three hrs and pretty much sleep the rest if the time. She had an opthamologist appt yesterday and he said her eyes are maturing well. Pediatrician appt was good also. Said she looked perfect. Weight check weekly for two or three wks to decide how long we have to wake her at night to eat.

Errol got his tube out this morning and the drs ordered his carseat test and circumcision. The nurse said it's like feeding adifferent baby since that tubes out. It may have been bothering his throat and keeping him from wanting to eat. Guessing he'll be home this weekend or early next week!

Layla is moving along too. She can have a bottle at every feeding now and hopefully she will do well with that and get her tube out soon.

So proud of all of our little ones!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Avery is Home

Don't know why I haven't blogged in a while. Lots of exciting stuff happening. They are now 4 weeks and 5 days old (36 weeks and 4 days gestational). Avery came home Sunday!!! She's doing great. Her, jozey, and I had a great first day together today. Jo can't get enough of her. Wants to hold, touch, and help with her constantly. We had a long night last night though. Kept Avery in bassinette in our room. She's way too noisey of a sleeper for that. She's in her crib tonight.

Errol is still growing and working on his bottle skills. He always takes the entire bottle when Adam is there but is very finicky most other times. H was moved to a crib today and they are talkig about removing his feeding tube and seeing how he does in the next couple days. 

Layla is doing great too. She can take a bottle twice a day and is consistently finishing them. Just needs to pack some pounds on. She went off of her caffeine a few days ago and they are all three med free now except vitamins.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hospital pictures are on www.our365.com. Layla's individual pics won't be up till Monday. They had never uploaded triplets before and had some trouble. You can search by birthdate (5/12/10) or my name.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Everyone's Making Progress

Still hoping for Avery to come home this weekend. She is now 4lb 12oz and doing well with all bottles. Moving out of isolette today.

Errol is getting better with bottles and can now try a bottle with every feeding. He's a chunker at 5lb 10oz. He will hopefully be home next week or weekend.

Layla is progressing nicely too. They let her try a bottle for practice last night and she did well. They won't let her try at every feed because she's too small and will burn too many calories. They switched her tube feeds to over one hr instead of two hrs today so she's heading in the right direction. She's hanging right on the edge of three lbs at 2lb 15oz. Hopefully she will jump over tonight.

Monday, June 7, 2010

4 Weeks This Week (36 weeks gestational age)

Babies are all doing well. I stopped pumping. Layla is getting the what breast milk they had stored and Errol and Avery are getting formula now. Errol weighs 5lb 4oz and is getting better with his bottle. He always finishes all of it when Adam is there to feed him. He's huge! He's so smiley. They let us take him to the door to the unit so Jozey could see him. She was very excited.

Avery is now 4lb 7oz. She got her feeding tube out today and is doing great with her bottles. She takes anywhere from 1 to 1.5oz at a time. She is very sweet and calm. Content just to lay and gaze around. The nurses say she could possibly come home this week or next!

Layla is now 2lb 13oz. She is tolerating her increased tube feeds well. Hopefully she will start bottles within the next couple of weeks. She's such a little sweetie. She makes the cutest faces and mouths. We held her and Avery side by side yesterday and they looked a lot alike. Both have a strawberry blonde tint to their hair. Can't wait to have them all home!

Friday, June 4, 2010

3 weeks old (35 weeks gestational age)

The babies were 3 weeks old and 35 weeks gestational age this week.

Errol weighs 4lb 13oz and is learning how to take a bottle. He has a lot of trouble with it though. The occupational therapist has been working with him. They say boys seem to have more trouble learning it than girls. He may have reflux like jozey did also.

Avery is now 4lb 3oz. She is doing great with her bottles. She is taking all of most of her feedings by bottle. Shouldn't be long before she's home.

Layla weighs 2lb 10oz. She is still on tube feedings by pump. The occupational therapist said that she can try bottles when she is over 3lb.

Can't wait to have our babies home! It'll be crazy, but so exciting.