Monday, June 7, 2010

4 Weeks This Week (36 weeks gestational age)

Babies are all doing well. I stopped pumping. Layla is getting the what breast milk they had stored and Errol and Avery are getting formula now. Errol weighs 5lb 4oz and is getting better with his bottle. He always finishes all of it when Adam is there to feed him. He's huge! He's so smiley. They let us take him to the door to the unit so Jozey could see him. She was very excited.

Avery is now 4lb 7oz. She got her feeding tube out today and is doing great with her bottles. She takes anywhere from 1 to 1.5oz at a time. She is very sweet and calm. Content just to lay and gaze around. The nurses say she could possibly come home this week or next!

Layla is now 2lb 13oz. She is tolerating her increased tube feeds well. Hopefully she will start bottles within the next couple of weeks. She's such a little sweetie. She makes the cutest faces and mouths. We held her and Avery side by side yesterday and they looked a lot alike. Both have a strawberry blonde tint to their hair. Can't wait to have them all home!

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