Friday, June 4, 2010

3 weeks old (35 weeks gestational age)

The babies were 3 weeks old and 35 weeks gestational age this week.

Errol weighs 4lb 13oz and is learning how to take a bottle. He has a lot of trouble with it though. The occupational therapist has been working with him. They say boys seem to have more trouble learning it than girls. He may have reflux like jozey did also.

Avery is now 4lb 3oz. She is doing great with her bottles. She is taking all of most of her feedings by bottle. Shouldn't be long before she's home.

Layla weighs 2lb 10oz. She is still on tube feedings by pump. The occupational therapist said that she can try bottles when she is over 3lb.

Can't wait to have our babies home! It'll be crazy, but so exciting.

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