Friday, June 18, 2010

Great Progress

Everyone is doing very well. Avery and jozey are adjusting well. The girls and I ventured out alone today and had a nice time. We visited mammie at work, had lunch at McDs, and exchanged some things at Babies R Us. Jozey is growing up so fast. She jabbered to me all day. Just a sweetheart. Avery is taking 2oz every three hrs and pretty much sleep the rest if the time. She had an opthamologist appt yesterday and he said her eyes are maturing well. Pediatrician appt was good also. Said she looked perfect. Weight check weekly for two or three wks to decide how long we have to wake her at night to eat.

Errol got his tube out this morning and the drs ordered his carseat test and circumcision. The nurse said it's like feeding adifferent baby since that tubes out. It may have been bothering his throat and keeping him from wanting to eat. Guessing he'll be home this weekend or early next week!

Layla is moving along too. She can have a bottle at every feeding now and hopefully she will do well with that and get her tube out soon.

So proud of all of our little ones!

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