Thursday, July 8, 2010

Marks of Love

Don't think I've ever mentioned it here, but all of our babies have a few birthmarks. Some common, some odd. They all have stork bites on their necks like Adam and jozey. Avery has a reddened area on one of her eyelids. Layla has a hemangioma above her right nipple. A hemangioma is a collection of blood vessels that form outside of the body. It started as a tiny red dot and grows everyday. Now it is about the size of a dime. It's bright red and very raised. From what I've read, they are present at birth and grow aggressively for about a year, remain the same for about another yr, and then begin to shrink a few yrs later. The vast majority are gone without a trace by 5 yrs old and the others by age 10. Errol has a spotty one on the outside of his right thigh. He also has a small bump between his eyebrows, which brings me to the point of this odd post :) He had an appointment with a head and neck specialist today to see what they thought it was. He thinks it is probably just a boney prominence (bump on the bone), but it could also be an encephalocele. This is kind of freaky but the bump is where two of the skull bones meet and it's possible that what is protruding is part of his brain matter. His exam was perfect and it isn't causing him any discomfort, but to be safe he is getting an MRI with sedation at Childrens on July 21st. We go to dr a couple weeks later to get the results. If it is an encephalocele, the treatment is surgery with the head and neck specialist and a neurosurgeon to put everything back in place. God has done an amazing job protecting our babies so far and we know he will continue to do so.

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