Tuesday, July 6, 2010

8 weeks/40 weeks gestation

Things have been quite busy around here so haven't had a chance to post a blog. The babies will be eight weeks old tomorrow and my due date wouldve been this thursday. We are adjusting well to having all of the babies home. Adam is off work this week so that helps. The days aret bad just busy. The nights are exhausting. They still wake up every three hours. Hoping we can increase that soon. Dr said we can let Errol and Avery sleep four hrs but it's kind of silly when we have to wake Layla every three for now anyway. At last check they weighed 6-7, 6-1, and 4-3. They have opthamologist appointments tomorrow, Errol has a head and neck specialist appt thurs (to get the small bony bump between his eyebrows checked), and they all have a weight check next Friday. The people from "Help Me Grow" will be coming for their first assessment soon. They are an early intervention service sponsored my
Montgomery County whose job is to catch developmental delays early and set us up with the right people. It is free until age three. The Similac representative at our pediatricians office has been wonderful and is supplying us with the special preemie formula for now, which helps tremendously especially with me being off work. I go back Sunday. Excited and nervous. Gonna start out with one twelve hr night shift and go from there.

Well it's Adam's night to get up and my night to sleep so I better take advantage of it. Will post more tomorrow hopefully.

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